Yellow Metric intends to provide its franchisees and, especially, all Customers with a privileged prominence in the main search sites and social networks. Thus, each Yellow Metric Clothing and / or Laundry Arrangement store can easily be located on the Internet and on the main social networks, continuously promoting and promoting each franchised location, attracting new customers to the entire network of establishments, according to the needs of each one. and the place where they are, through personalized contact. “Everything is just a click away”.

Our establishments are located in the main shopping centers, from north to south of Portugal.
Yellow Metric develops its Clothing Arrangements and Transformations activity in a traditional store with an area ranging from 15 to 25 m2.

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Top 1 of the most profitable businesses in Franchising services

Our brand is now revitalized, modernized and strengthened to continue to deserve its place of prominence and leadership as Top 1 of the most profitable businesses in Franchising services

With a little imagination, you can design or design your own clothing and thus recycle your clothing using unique pieces