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Arrangements and Transformations

Yellow Metric is available to its customers to recycle and transform their clothes. With a little imagination, you can design or design your own clothing and thus recycle your clothing using unique pieces. And if you need ideas, Yellow Metric will know how to meet your wishes. We offer professionalism and speed. The limit is in your imagination.

Our quick 1-hour Arrangement service applies to hems, zippers, buttons, stitches, tears or tears and other small arrangements.

Arrangements during the day or in 24 hours complete a professional quality service for all your clothes.

An added value to our Know-how: all Yellow Metric establishments specialize in knitwear, suede, leather and fur.

  • Fast service in 1 hour
  • Service in a day and 24-hour
  • Specialized service: in mesh, suede, leather and fur
  • Creative transformations
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